pComp: Observation – Think Data Wall

This week’s observation assignment for Physical Computing was to observe interactive piece in public that are used by multiple people.

I am glad to say that this observation came to me naturally when I was walking my dog the other day around Lincoln Center.

As I was walking by, I saw group of people talking, engaging and watching something together.

Stimulated by curiosity, I found this enormous screen with a beautifully articulated data visualization.

Not only, the facts displayed on the wall was useful and interesting, the way it was conveyed was very powerful.

For example, one of the presentation was about the concentrated polluted air in certain part of the city.

LEDs that represented the polluted particles of the air which was far more effective in delivering its message and reading it on a paper.

I think the interaction happening with Think Data Wall is more meaningful in many ways.

First, it ignited people to interact with each other on these facts that concern all of them as New Yorkers.

Secondly, it interact with its users in a larger scope and in a longer period of time.

For instance, the actions of New Yorkers such as their driving habits directly affected the information that was presented.

Then acknowledging information regarding environment will hopefully make many viewers “think”, as the exhibition stands for, and will change their behaviors.

The are on display until October 23rd. It’s worth checking out.

For more information about the exhibition go to http://www.ibm.com/ibm100/us/en/thinkexhibit/visit/